Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"Chuggington" potty chart!

My husband is quick to point out this station looks nothing like Chuggington Station, and the train is most certainly not a character on the show, but it makes Patryk happy and that's all that matters! I have included the steps I took to make it, in case you feel the urge to create a train potty chart for the little man in your life :) Basically, everytime Patryk goes potty, the train advances a space on the tracks, until it makes it to the station. When this occurs, it's time to take Patryk out to buy the new Chuggington DVD!

I found a cute train on the Playtime cart. Having the 12X24 mats for this was helpful. I used My Mind's Eye papers from the Complete Boy stack for this, here using these two patterned papers for different layers of the train...
...and the black for the base, red polka dotted paper for another layer. Two papers at a time: awesome.
The train, assembled. Isn't it so cute?

I cut a strip of light blue cardstock, and sized it to the width of the cookie sheet.

After rounding two of the corners, I adhered it to the cookie sheet where the sky should be.

I did the same with the green patterened paper, making the grass.

Brown cardstock cut into strips makes nice railroad ties...

...after you cut them down to size. (I should be a poet LOL)
I searched high and low for thin ribbon to do the actual rails with, but had to finally settle with this paper wire, purchased almost 10 years ago! If you are stuck using this, you'll want to hold it down a bit (I used Aleene's Tacky Glue as it seemed to be the only adhesive left in my stash that would work with this...I need to go adhesive shopping!) You need to give the glue at least 10 seconds to set up a bit before you go bending the wire around the tracks. I stopped at each bend. It also helps if you bang down on the wire carefully with something after you have it in place. Metal becomes stronger when you pound on it.

One rail is complete...

...and then the other.

I used a piece of wire to give the train some stability, as it will be moved along the tracks, and glued a magnet to the center car.

Here's the train, ready to roll down the tracks!

I numbered the spaces to add to the experience...not only is he working toward achieving his goal (the Chuggington DVD), he is learning number skills as well. I was sloppy in the beginning! Lesson learned for chart #2!

I cut a rectangle out of tan cardstock and used my scissors to make a peak on the top for the roof. Grey cardstock cut into rectangles. Black cardstock strips for the roof....the stamping isn't my best work, but when a 3 year old treats your arm with the stamp in it like a football tackle dummy whilst you are mid-stamp, this is what happens LOL

I felt the station needed benches, so a couple of brown strips did the trick. Black pen for the bench legs. The flag was received long ago from Nikki Sivils, I put the MME paper on top and added "Patryk's Potty Progress." Freehand clouds in the sky :)

Circle punched the sun, then passed the cookie sheet off to hubby waiting with his drill :)

He cut me some holes, I tied up some ribbon. Bada boom, bada bing. Cookie sheet potty chart.
And little man couldn't be happier.
And that's it! So easy! Expect a few of these in my Etsy shop. I know there are more stubborn little boys and girls out there, I'm sure they'll make someone very happy!

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