Friday, February 18, 2011


Bouncing back from my irritation from yesterday, I made this little number with some goodies I won at the Colorful Creations challenge forum during their January birthday celebration. It put a smile on my face, and most certainly inspired me to create! I made a layout to be shared later, as I'm not quite done with it. Just know that I feel it is my best layout of 2011 thus far! This Fancy Pants Love Birds line is just so beautiful! I put so many sheets aside for layouts, but felt this flower sheet was great for the card, made for Stacy's challenge over at sketches4you. The only thing not Fancy Pants: the stamp, a Basic Grey acrylic stamp, and the mist (of course, my own recipe of silver.) I plan on further adding to this card, as my little girl turns 9 at the end of March. It will end up saying "It's your birthday?" The birds reply, "Tweet." Cute, huh?

My paper ruffle is pretty sweet, I'll have to admit. If only that crease wasn't in the paper on the green heart... Just look at the dimension on this baby!
So, I guess the potty chart posted on Etsy and Khristen's Craft Room facebook fan page is a big hit! I already have a custom order, and more inquiries than I could have ever imagined! I went from 2 views in my Etsy shop as of 11:30pm last night to 40 views by 8:30 this morning! Wowza! Patryk is on day 2 of no accidents (except for 1, but when you are out playing in the snow on a 54 degree day, who wants to stop just to use the bathroom?) Another beautiful day here today, but sad to say I'll be up in the craft room creating a Dora themed potty chart to be picked up Saturday afternoon :) I'll just have to open the window!

Off to plan out the chart and get ready to discuss things with Andraia's doctor this morning...she has ADHD, and her grades/actions at home aren't going so well. I think it's time for a little adjustment. I'm tired of seeing 50's and 60's come home on tests when she made the honor roll last quarter! After that, off to the craft store for some Dora colored cardstock :)
Hope you all have a great day...and just wait until I post the layout I did with the Fancy Pants...I can't stop staring at it! It's not quite done yet, I think I'll pick up something special at the store just for the layout :) As my husband said..."You can't be finished yet. Look at all that empty space!"

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Stacy H-W said...

Go you!!! I'm going to go "like" your facebook page immediately!! So exciting to be getting so many potty chart views!! (and hopefully orders!!)

Do you mind if I post about your potty chart and add a link on my blog??

Thanks for entering my challenge. I love that paper too (I used it for most of my Valentine's cards) Your card is so much prettier than mine!! ha

If you hadn't mentioned that fold in that green heart I wouldn't have noticed it!! I love how you did that piece of paper!!

Hope you are having a happy day!! Hugs!