Monday, February 21, 2011

I joined the Candy Shoppe Designs Blog Hop MEME

Why hello there, you are about to learn some little tidbits of info about me, so get ready! I'm participating in the Candy Shoppe Designs Blog Hop MEME, a pretty rad blog creations, just answer a few (or all) of the questions for your chance at winning this kit from The Paper Trail.

If you become a follower of CSD (which I have been for a while now), you can enter a code at the checkout (details on the CSD blog) for a 10% discount on your total purchase until July 31!!!!!! Super cool!

Anywho, all you need to do is hop along, gathering questions, and then answer them. Simple! Head over to CSD to see how to get started.

So, I chose to answer them all, baby! Oh yeah! It was nice to read answers along the hop, it's helping me get to know the women who inspire me each and every day just by seeing their creations on their blog. So here it is, all about MEMEMEMEMEME.....

1.) What is your fave/most recent Etsy purchase or fave Etsy sellers? Anyone who has followed me for any length of time should know my obsession with The Chip Chop Shop. I have yet to buy anything *yet* as I was lucky enough to receive a HUGE package of goodies from Leeann herself, a blog candy I won, and I'm still trying to use all of that goodness. Her items are amazing, from the small handmade button-like fimo pieces to the chipboard designs! The doilies are stellar, with twine dyed to match perfectly. Head on over and check her out! I have time to browse the stores, but never to buy anything. I'm too busy trying to sell! (Although I check Leeann's shop the other day, and saw so many cute stuff I won't be able to resist for long!)

2.) What would you like to tell a teacher who has changed your life? Ms. Audrey McGlynn, you were such an amazing woman. Rough around the edges, but only to benefit your students, we probably didn't give you enough credit back then. You are the one who switched the math lightbulb in my head to the "on" position, and I thank you each and every day for that. You also taught me that I had to work hard to get to where I wanted to go in life. You were the best! (Amazingly, she is my friend on facebook and I was able to tell her this very thing myself last year!)

3.) Did you marry your first true love? I did! There were others before my husband, but none of them with a love as true as ours. I can't imagine loving anyone else this way, and know that all of the others were just "practice." I really do believe that there are a few select people we are destined to be with, and I'm thankful I found him :)

4.) 4 things you may not know about me... I am a music freak. I always have it playing no matter what I'm doing (I think that's why hubby bought me a new iPod, it holds more music and he doesn't have to hear it when I put the earbuds in!) and I love all kinds of music. Not only do I love listening to it, I love performing it. I play guitar and sing (used to sing opera back in my teenage years!) I think it's hereditary, as my father has been in a band since he was 19. I miss the days of band practice Sundays, when my dad's blues band would practice in the basement. I even got on stage with them and performed a couple of songs my senior year!

I have RIDICULOUS OCD. I mean the "that remote doesn't belong there, it belongs 2 inches to the left and turned about 45 degrees" OCD. The kids have kind of broken me of this horrible habit. If I let it get as bad as it can get, my poor kids would probably hate me for the rest of their lives.

I cannot stand the flavor of licorice.

I used to dream of being a tractor trailer truck driver when I was little. Fortunately for my family, the dream died when I realized my backing up skills were a little less than they needed to be!

5) What was your favorite pet? We didn't have a lot of pets growing up, but I remember Rocky, our boxer, from my late teenage years. He was a big pain in the a$$ at first...he was 6 when we got him, adopted from a lady who inherited a bunch of boxers when her mother passed away. Because he was used to living with a little old lady, he was the type of dog that just wanted to clamber up in your lap, no matter how big he was. He'd start with one paw and if you allowed him, he would put his whole leg up there, then his other leg, and before you knew it he was hopping right on top of you. You couldn't leave the room without him tagging along, as he just couldn't be left alone. My brother used to let the dog lick the inside of his mouth (GROSS GROSS GROSS GROSS GROSS). We left him in the basement once when we were away for the day, and he chewed to pieces the backrest of my weight bench. I am reminded of it whenever I look at it today, as I never got a new backrest. I realized when he passed away that I really did have a soft spot for that dog, even though he drove me insane.

6) What are your favorite word/words that you find yourself using most frequently? I hate to say it, but a lot of my favorite words cannot be posted here. There might be children present. I also enjoy the words: awesome, fab, fantastic, no way Jose, and ready, Freddy? (which drives my 3 year old crazy..."My name isn't Freddy! It's Patryk!!!")

7) Is there somebody out there you once knew/still know that you never got around to sharing your true feelings to? Who is this person, and what would you say to them if they were standing in front of you at this very moment? I have to say that I have been blessed with a big mouth, so if I want to say it, I say it. Sometimes it's a blessing, sometimes a curse. I am happy to say that I have told everyone, regardless of if I should have or not, how I truly feel about them. I have lost friends this way, but it also helped me gain some awesome relationship experience. I highly recommend saying whatever is on your mind to anyone. Don't worry about what they might think...who cares?

8) Have you ever met a celebrity? If so, who? Nope. It'd be rad, but no.

9) Who is your celebrity crush and why? Well peeps, I have to say that I think Zachary Levi is absolutely adorable. I am obssessed with Chuck, I think I love his geeky-cute style...or maybe it's when he flashes and draws his ninja skills from the Intersect and kicks some bad guy butt!

10) What is your favorite guilty pleasure? It's a toss up between red wine and Cadbury Mini Eggs! Love em both (and I'm eating Mini Eggs as we speak! It's too early in the day for red wine hahahaha)

That's that. So head over to CSD and join in the fun :)


salme said...

Oh, I love your answers to the MEME questions! I love Cadbury mini eggs too!

Thank you for playing!

- Cinnamon Swirl

KateB said...

OMG- I SO LOVE YOUR ANSWERS...getting to know a bit of you was so much fun! and yeah, your bro was totally GROSS!! My mom had a boxer years ago and she was the sweetest and most loving dog we ever knew till my dad messed that up and gave her away to get back at my mom (long story where your kids suffer from grownup games) off to check that Etsy shoppe!

KitKat (CSD)

Tettiz said...

Fantastic answers!!!! It was especially fun to read your answer to my MEME-question about your teacher!

/ Jeanette

Mo said...

it was super fun reading your post! thanks for playing along!