Wednesday, October 6, 2010


is off to a great start! I received a link to the gallery containing my family photo shoot that took place a few weeks ago, and I almost cried when I looked at them! It was like we had perfect stunt doubles, there is no way these pics represent us!

My friend, Jenna (if you live in the Portland, OR area, she is highly me for deets if you are interested in a session of your own), an old high school friend, met us in Prescott Park in Portsmouth, NH while she was here for our class reunion, and took our pictures. How she was able to take me, normally makeup-less in sweatpants, covered in baby boogers and food, my husband, normally wearing ripped up jeans and an old paint-covered tshirt, and my children, with disheveled hair and covered in God-knows-what, and make us look like a family of supermodels. It amazes me! Here are some of my favorites (and it was hard not to post all 27 pictures, as they are all so great! Not to mention the image size is astounding and blogger doesn't really like a bunch of huge files!)

The whole Foss fam: Hubby, me, Andraia (11 in a month), Patryk (3 in a month), and Rileigh (8)

Hubs and I

The kiddos (this was a tough one as Patryk didn't want to sit still for long!)

Andraia and I being goofy

Patryk and I

Rileigh's turn to be goofy

Jenna's signature jumping shot...the kids were excited for this one!

Hope you like them, and just know that if you ran into me on the street, there is no WAY I would look like this, unless I've had time to do my makeup and straighten my normally unruly, curly hair. I would be unrecognizable if all you knew of me were these pics! Off to the craft room to make those candles I've been talking about...about time, right?

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