Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Decluttering makes room for more clutter

Good morning, all! So last night, my next door neighbor came by with some treats for me :) I was quite thrilled, actually, when I realized the possibilities he had opened for me!

He works for a local hardware store, and they were getting rid of wallpaper sample books, and right before he threw them away, he thought of the card I made his other half recently and loaded them up into his car instead. I was THRILLED when I saw them. At the time I didn't really think about what I would do with them, but I realized last night that they would make great altered frame coverings...I could even use wallpaper adhesive to adhere them! SOOO psyched, except he brought over about 20 books. If you haven't seen a wallpaper book before, they are HUGE. Bigger than 12X12, and quite thick and heavy. I can only carry a few of them at once!

Now I get to spend the day rearranging my scrap room to make room for them. This should be interesting, seeing as I just rearranged a month or so ago! I guess I'll have to clear out some stuff...I'm thinking it's time to give away my first blog candy. I am up to almost 20 followers, right? So I will pick out some goodies and post a picture of them when I am finished, probably to be given away when I reach 50 followers. We'll see...I might even make some form of challenge to win them...make you work for your candy!

Off to the scrap room, hope I don't get lost!


Kelly Massman said...

Sounds like you are having FUN! :-) Best of luck on getting as many followers as you want!!! :-)

Amber said...

Yay for those free goodies! Good luck on the craft room organizing.
I need to do a bit of that over here! Looking forward to that candy!! :)

KateB said...

wish I lived nearby, I woulda come over and mooched a book off of you...to frame them in my studio :)