Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lazy Sunday post

Haven't been so tired since Patryk was a newborn! My goodness, I just can't get sleep for the life of me! Yesterday was hubby's and my anniversary, and what a disaster it was. Patryk has had the sniffles for the past few days, and has added coughing fits into the mix. It makes for a miserable night's sleep for him, which makes for a miserable night's sleep for me as well! I feel so disconnected the past couple of days.

Not only did I get a crappy night's sleep, hubby went from his third shift job at 7 yesterday morning right to his parents' house to help his father pour concrete. He returned only to go straight to bed, and then didn't wake until 6:30 at night. I think we spent a total of 30 minutes together, as he had to leave for work at 10:30. :( Late dinner, which makes me CRANKY.

I made him a cake, which I slaved over for hours, only to realize I hadn't gone to the liquor store to get the creme de cacao called for in the brush it over the cake layers before frosting it. Of course, the liquor store was closed when I realized this, but the internet saved me! I made my own chocolate liquor! The cake was yummy, even though I didn't have a piece until 10:15.

Oh, how can I forget the best part? My favorite pair of jeans must be trying to tell me to stop all of the crazy baking and sweet eating, as they decided to split from my butt to my knee. MY FAVORITE PAIR!!!!!! Oh well...just means I can go shopping for a new favorite pair.

At least I got to sit down in the craft room! Friday was spent making hubby his card, which he didn't want me to post the inside of (big baby) so I got a shot of the front, made with Reminisce flirt paper, glitter Thickers, and a Basic Grey "&." The inside is cool, but I guess you'll never know. (He doesn't want all of the mushy stuff I wrote to be revealed for the world to see. What a baby.)

I was able to tackle Stacy's scraplift challenge over at s4a, which was nice as I feel lost without a daily challenge to complete. I loved her layout, and thought these pics of my son's first trip to the ocean would be perfect with this paper, Kaisercraft Le Chateau collection. Everything you see here came in a kit from Queenscraps, so it all goes so perfectly (except the title letters...Miss Elizabeth's antique type and Pinkpaislee.)


And mine:
I have finally put the final layer of Mod Podge on my altered candle holders for my challenge at s4a, and am embellishing this afternoon....stay tuned, I can't wait to post later!

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