Sunday, September 25, 2011

Super Crafty Sunday

Here it is, Sunday, and as usual I am still feeling as exhausted as ever. I really need to do something about that (like go to bed at a normal hour!) Mabye if I didn't get caught up in television I'd be ok. I've gotten pretty good about closing up the laptop for the night, but now I just turn on the TV and get sucked into some show and before I know it, it's somehow midnight. Tonight: early bedtime for sure! 4:30 comes quickly...

I've been meaning to share this page with all of you, but it's been so CRAZY BUSY around here. This week offers no relief either with 2 doctor appointments. Andraia had her first eye exam last week, and will get glasses in 2 weeks. She's so excited! We decided to go to the optometrist as she's been having problems with headaches now and then for the past 2 years, and the doctor thought it could be one of the possible causes. We've already cut MSG out of her diet (which actually seemed to eradicate them, until she started up middle school where they can choose their own lunches...something tells me she's been sneaking ranch dressing on her plate each day!) We'll see if the glasses help at all, they say she only has a slight problem but to try them out anyway. She's quite excited as she's been wanting glasses forEVer. I mean, this is the girl who bought a bunch of fake glasses at Claire's just to look "cool" (um, nothing like when I went to school and glasses were UNcool...)

Here's a layout of my 6th grader back in 2nd grade. I'm getting closer to being caught up HA...not really. I pulled out the new Scraptastic kit (I love all of their kits!) for this one, Too Cool for School, full of Fancy Pants amazingness. Love these papers (especially the glasses one!) I made it for the sketches4all sketch-a-thon (ending today, so get your entries in!)

I'm in love with the October Afternoon Mini Market alpha stickers they've been sending in these kits...and how cute is that chipboard heart? More Fancy Pants, of course.
The banner was made from the red jute contained in the kit and more chipboard stickers from Fancy Pants. It's hard to tell, but I affixed the pic to the page with my foam squares for some dimension :)
So that's it for now, but I hope to get LOTS done later in the craft room. I have no motivation for anything, and have decided to declare Sunday my true day of rest...although I do have to do laundry. I guess people around here need clean clothes to wear...what's up with that?

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