Friday, June 24, 2011


It's here, summer vacation! You wouldn't know it looking out the window, as it's rainy, windy, and chilly. I hope I have enough in their craft drawer to keep them occupied this year on days such as this!

The girls are officially 4th and 6th graders. Patryk should be starting preschool next year as well. Where does the time go? Do I really have a middle schooler? Yikes. I'm getting old.

Andraia, my 6th grader :( She's grown up too fast for me! This was taken at her 5th grade award ceremony, 2 days ago.

My 4th grader, Rileigh, at the wedding we at attended last weekend.

Patryk at the wedding...the kids all got little favor boxes, containing stickers, crayons, chocolate, ring pops, coloring and activity books, bubbles, and silly bands. Awesome!

So much crafty stuff to catch up on and do! This summer I am DETERMINED to get the following accomplished:
  • Complete up to at least 2009 in the kids' albums. Shouldn't be a problem for Patryk as I'm already in 2008, but the girls have a bit of catching up to do!
  • Create at least 10 stationary sets to put up in my Etsy shop.
  • Restyle a mirror I got FREE at a yard sale. Yes, free.
  • Make up some mini albums to put up for sale on Etsy and at craft fairs this fall/winter.
  • Grow my Etsy shop and crank out some potty charts to put up for sale. I had an order at my daughter's 5th grade awards ceremony :)
  • De-stash a LOT...that means GIVEAWAYS. I need to make room for the new stuff I plan to acquire this year :)
Is any of that too much to ask? I think not. I should have no problem getting it all done, especially as I have added a new gadget to my desktop to schedule all DT assignments and writing duties. It should make my life a whole lot simpler, spreading assignments out properly and leaving room for my own crafty endeavors, even with all of the lessons/groups going on this summer. The girls have swimming lessons and golf lessons, and Patryk will start in a preschool play group "summer camp" in a few weeks. Should be great!

I have only done DT stuff lately so unfortunately, I have nothing to share with you all. I have, however, had a great time working with some *new* stuff, and can't wait to show it all off. For now, I'm off to create 3 more projects for some DT work, along with attempt to photograph them all in the horrible lighting. I hate grey rainy days!

Hope you all enjoy your weekend, I'm hoping this crappy weather doesn't last long. The kids are already starting to become restless! Maybe it's time for me to find some chores for them to do...nah, they'll probably just come get crafty with me :)

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Stacy H-W said...

Your goals all sounds totally attainable.
And I'm with you on not believing I have two sixth graders and a 4th grader too! They just grow up so fast. hugs, Stacy