Thursday, October 17, 2013

CD Envelope Tutorial Using Crafter's Companion Ultimate Tool

Good morning! Yesterday was my wedding anniversary (8 glorious years with the best man in the entire world!), and I always make something for him every year, even before we were married (in fact, today we celebrate the anniversary of the first day we met, 10 years together to the day!) So that's a 10 year tradition I just can't break :)

He was desperate for a new CD for his truck, so I took the liberty of burning him one along with some bonus tracks I thought he'd like. Of course, I was out of jewel cases. What's a girl to do? Why, pull out the Ultimate Tool and Boxer Board and make a custom envelope, of course! Want to make one of your own? Follow along with me and I'll give you the simple instructions. You'll need the following:

Alright, here we go:

1. Cut your 12X12 paper down to 6X11.

2. Pull out the Ultimate Tool and put the Boxer Board in place. Butt the long side of the paper against the side with the handle and score on the 1/2" mark. Turn the paper and score the other long side, also at the 1/2" mark.

3. Butt the short side of the paper to the side and score at the 5" mark.

4. Turn and score the other short side at 1".

5. Now get out those scissors, and after folding along all scored lines, cut away the long pieces along the bottom and the two small rectangles out of the flaps. Make it look like the image below :)

6. Using your tape runner, get adhesive on the side flaps. When you're done, fold up the bottom piece and adhere the flaps to it... this.

7. PANIC MOMENT. I realized I hadn't yet planned out how I was going to close it. So...I grabbed a pen and marked a half oval that I then cut out with my craft knife. Problem solved!

I used the edge of my craft mat (because I had already adhered the sides!) to cut the half-oval slit. Mistakes can always be worked around!!
 There, now it closes!

8. Choose a stamp and add to the front. I chose the Stamp It Australia EZ Mount Stamp Set 67 - Birds & Butterflies which I stamped with Memento Paris Dusk ink and Rock-A-Blocks. I decided it needed a bit of trim, and loved the vintage-y feel to the paper and I chose this roughed-up ruffle in a nice cream color. I used my Collal Tacky Glue to keep it all in place.

The finished product!

9. Add embellishments as you wish. I added a sentiment from the Crafter's Inspiration magazine, not currently available in the store, but watch for it! So many great freebies, like this sentiment. AC Alpha stickers to match the Memento Tangleo ink, and this baby's done!

It's easy to make an envelope for every occasion with the Boxer Board and Ultimate Tool!


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