Wednesday, February 20, 2013

TrueXOXO Superbet! (I lost.)

Yup. The True XOXO design team placed a bet with a twist for the Super Bowl. Although I thought it was impossible, I lost. I mean, c'mon...these are my 49ers we're talking about here. I thought, "how can they lose?" Well, they did. And the second thought that passed through my head (after "how did that just happen?") was "crap, I have to make this impossible layout!" I will admit, though, I'm pleased with the final result!

Here's the challenge: create a layout using the following items, each item chosen by a different member of the design team who was crazy enough to participate.

The losers' list:
red & gold
purple washi tape
lobster (yes, lobster...long story)/embossed stamping (for those, like me, who have no        lobster...and yes, one of the DT had lobsters!! I couldn't believe it!)
index cards

Crazy list...I mean, how do you combine red, gold, and purple? Is it possible? I am here to tell you YES you can! I actually love how this layout turned out. Something I'd never do turned into a favorite!

I thought this black and white photo would be a safe choice with all of the colors going into this bad boy. Basic Gray PB&J papers, Balzer Designs triangle stencil and Ditto purple mist (word to the wise...don't buy this stuff. Sorry, Ditto, but you are messy and make my hands purple days later...not to mention the way you spray a stencil...pfft. I mean, the stencil was misted ONCE and it was so saturated with ink it ran underneath the triangular holes, creating the lighter triangles you see on that square of paper. It's awful...I mean, I like how it looks, but what if I wanted white and purple triangles instead? This mist is cheap for a reason, and I learned the hard way.) The lace strip at the top was also misted to coordinate. The gold stamping, all heat embossed with gold embossing powder, is a Unity - Reverse Punchinella stamp I am in love with. I colored the washi myself, as I did not have purple washi, with my Spectrum Noir markers. I was able to match the color of the mist perfectly!

 This pic makes it more obviously gold :)
 That's a random index card die cut from my stash, with some added alpha stickers for an instant title.
 Random black stitches.
Red patterned paper was sanded for the distressing portion of the challenge.

So I hope you love it! Head over to the XOXO blog to see what my fellow DT members have done (well, the losers anyway...there were those that sided with the Ravens that didn't have to do the challenge. They got LUCKY!) Give this list of supplies a shot on your next might surprise yourself at how nice it comes out! Don't forget to comment with a link to your project. We would love to see it!!


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