Tuesday, August 30, 2011

...aaaaaaaand....we're back :)

Power is restored after almost 2 days without it and I am so thankful. It is quite hard to keep kids entertained indoors these days without allowing them access to their rooms (for fear of the tree out front coming down on their second story bedroom), video games, or television. Lets just say there were lots of board games (which usually ended in pieces being flung at one another when they weren't getting along and lots of tempers flaring) and books.

A big tree fell down in the back yard by the power lines that run to the mill down the street, killing power to our little neighborhood, and ruining my morning cup of coffee. I must say thanks to the little country store on the corner, however, who provided me coffee thanks to their generator :) Couldn't have weathered the storm without them! When the tree company finally removed the culprit, they showed us what they found at the base of the tree...
...a beaver had chewed apart the base, making it easy for Irene to topple the tree like a measly domino. Dam beavers!!!!! (Hahahaha...my storm humor...I know, I know...I'll stop now.)

That last one is a pic of half of the trees and limbs affected by the storm. There are still more to be taken down, but hubby's chainsaw chain BROKE while attacking the stand of them that seemed to be the hardest hit.
This project was featured over on the Crafter's Companion Blog on Monday, and I thought I'd share it here for those of you who may not be a follower or missed it. (I know I did, hard to sign on to Blogger when there's no power or internet!)

For this beauty, I used a card base and rub on from the Fairyopolis cardmaking kit and the Birthday Girl Humphrey stamp set. Isn't she so cute? I decided to paper piece her rather than color her, and used Distress Stickles to accent her dress. A nice KI ribbon completes the simply sweet card.

Stay tuned for 2 more posts this morning, lots of DT stuff that I wasn't able to post about or am late posting about...school has started, so it's been a matter of getting back in the swing of the schedule. Hubby's hours were recently cut down to an amount I don't even want to share, so preschool is out of the question for now. Good thing I used to teach in a preschool pre-Patryk, he's loving being homeschooled (thus far...it's only day 3.) Hope you all are having a great day thus far! More posts, and some crafty time for this lady :)

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