Monday, April 4, 2011


Good morning, all. It is grey again here, with a mix of snow and rain, but most likely just rain, in the forecast. Springtime in New England usually adds up to one great big muddy mess! Time to dig out the rain boots and umbrellas!

So I didn't make it 100 followers...but I'm giving the stuff away anyway. Then, later today when I return from the post office, I'll be posting yet *another* giveaway! Why shouldn't I? I've been so blessed this year, with 4 different design teams and a number of giveaways I've personally won...I have to pay it forward, right?

Anyway, without further ado, has spoken and chosen....

ha I bet you all hate me for making you scroll like crazy fools!!!!

Congrats, Heather! Email me your address to kcraftroom at gmail dot com and I'll get your prize out to you!


Heather (goldiecar) said...

YEAH!!! I know about six high school girls who are loving you right now (I have a card-making club after school)!!!

Thank you again! Getting the email out right now!

Stacy H-W said...

You are so silly....making us wait like that! Congrats to Heather! Lucky duck. ha

Hurry up with that giveaway....I need some new scrapping supplies!! LOL (jk) Hugs, Stacy H-W