Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lazy dreary sneezy day

It's a perfect day for the craft room, despite my constant sneezing/congested head. The past few days have been incredible, and the evidence is in my garden. Many things are coming up, even blooming, so it's the beginning of the end for me and my horrible allergies. I'm only spared in the winter. The weather today is yucky and Patryk seems tired (probably as he inherited his allergies from his mother.) It's the perfect day to hide away and play with paper and glue :)

I tried to sit down yesterday, but seemed to have a bit of scrapper's block. I stared at new stuff I got in the mail, sketches, and all that jazz, but just drew a blank and had to walk away. I decided to finish up an embroidery project I'd been working on for the past 2.5 years and it's finally COMPLETE. *sigh of relief* Everyone, including the mailman, had been teasing me about how I wouldn't finish the project until Patryk graduated from high school, but I proved them all wrong last night. It's something I do while I sit in the car waiting for the kids to get out of school, or in the dentist/doctor waiting room. I can't sit for hours on end with my neck problems and do this. Oh, did I mention I need new glasses, meaning I get headaches doing it for too long? So I think 2.5 years is pretty good, considering the little time I get in each day to work on it!

Here it is. For those who embroider: this is my first time. Be kind to me, please. I'm sure you can see the gazillion errors, but hey, no one else can :) My girls love it, asking where I'll hang it and I'm not sure. I think upstairs in the hallway, of course after a wash and iron. Anyway, hope you like it! I received it from a friend who didn't want it anymore, it's a Colonial Williamsburg sampler. The original this is based off of was embroidered by a 10 year old girl! Amazing, I can only imagine how much quicker she was than I back then!

Now that it's done, I'm off to get some inspiration from all of you out there in bloggy land, giving me the kick in the pants I need to get some of my own layouts/cards done! Also mailing a couple of things today (my blog candy FINALLY...writing deadlines last week made me forget all about it...don't worry, it's on its way today! and an ebay sale of some paper.) Have a great day!


Stacy H-W said...

I'm so proud of you for finishing!! It is lovely and man is that a lot of work!! I used to do a lot of needlework and cross stitch. I loved it but it is so time consuming and if you don't do you it don't really appreciate how much work is involved! Great job girlie!

melsanford said...

Oh wow! This is just gorgeous - so detailed! Love 'n' hugs, Mel xx