Thursday, December 30, 2010

Good morning!

So I know I said I was going to play with my Cricut yesterday, but of course, fate would not allow it. What did I do instead, you ask? Well, I baked a loaf of bread in my new breadmaker (delish) and when that was done, started on the pizza dough for dinner, in the same machine. Did I mention this machine also makes jam? Amazing! In between, little man wanted to play his new game, Cranium Cariboo, which he played in occupational therapy (he was born with a sensory disorder) a year and a half ago, and loved. I had been looking for it since, and finally found it right before Christmas. He loves it! The only problem: it's all he wants to play, all the time. As I type this, he is playing it with Rileigh LOL

I wanted to post this page, though, proof that I screw up (a lot!) As you may or may not know, I dabble in making my own glimmer mist/smooch spray. I had used it on elements of a page before, but never on a background page. I decided to give it a go, and omg I shouldn't have. I took a Tim Holtz flourish mask and applied it to the left side of the page, choosing a bronze-y color to mist with. The water contained within the mist (I think my misting bottles allow too much to come out, I need to get the little mini misters) made the mask lift right up off the page, allowing the colors to bleed underneath. You can kind of tell it's a flourish, but not really. Then the flourish got stuck to the page with the glue contained in my mist. When the page dried, it was all wavy, despite the fact I had wet down the back of the page. >:/ So here it is, I allowed it to dry, put it underneath all of the 12X12 paper pads I own to flatten it, and all to no I tried to hide all of the mistakes as best I could LOL. I kind of like the end result, but even hubby told me it was obvious I was hiding lots of mistakes. What do you think?
MME Totally Girl papers, The Chip Chop Shop for the beautiful crochet trim and the blue tissue paper flower (she has the cutest stuff, definitely check her out!) Colorbok rub on definition/"baby." Pebbles Inc I Kan Dee twist tie. Thickers Umbrella for title. Felt/crochet flowers received in an RAK.

Well, I have my mother in law and her cousin coming by, her cousin is the lucky recipient of my old Cricut. I had to pass it on, as she's been wanting one for a while and loves to papercraft. I know she'll love it! Hope you all have a great day, maybe I'll make it up to the craft room at some point *sigh*

Oh, and stay tuned...I have a layout that I can't show yet as it hasn't been released for the big DT reveal, but here's a sneak peek, as I can't wait to show this puppy off :) Have a great day!


Denise said...

Your Precious layout is gorgeous, wrinkled or not! Regular glimmer mists does this too if you use to much. :) BTW, not that you have an expression, the best place to buy carts is There are tons on sale under $20.

Happy New's Years girl! So glad we are blogging buddies :)

Amber S said...

I like the crinkly paper look! If it were me I think I would try to respray the mask with a bit darker color, it might look good with the lighter color below it. I agree with the previous post about I just bought 5 carts from there! is good too. I love my expression. I never had the original so I don't know how different it is.