Friday, July 23, 2010

What a crazy week!

I have been trying to escape to the craft room all week, but it's just not in the cards for some reason. It has been thunderstorm after thunderstorm, mixed with random tornado warnings (strange for NH) and haven't been online in what feels like forever. Add to that my potty training 2 year old who is just so close to being out of diapers and it's a recipe for disaster!

This morning I was of the frame of mind that it didn't matter what happened, I was going to find time to get in there. I got up early, took a shower before the kids woke up...or so I thought. My husband works 3rd shift, so he had just come to bed when I got out of it. I was glad to be up before everyone, usually I'm showering at naptime! Well, when I got out of the shower and was dressed, I opened the door to find my husband standing there, staring at me, with my son's favorite blankie over his shoulder. Of course, I ask what is going on, and he replies, "I don't know, I just opened my eyes and he was staring at me in our bed." Looks like Mr. Troublemaker (a.k.a. Patryk) has learned how to climb out of his crib. Well, there's the end of life as I know it! Luckily we have the toddler bed all ready to go in the basement, knowing this day would come, but I did have to go out and buy a new gate to put in his doorway as this is an old house, and the opening is smaller than standard doors are nowadays. Looks like I'll be spending a little extra time in the craft room now, which happens to be right outside his doorway...I don't trust that he won't knock the gate right over!

So I am hoping to have plenty of new posts with new creations, but I'm not keeping my fingers crossed...wish me luck! :/

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