Sunday, July 11, 2010

Out of glue?!?!

A scrapper's worst nightmare! In the middle of a layout, it happened to me. How sad, as I had just squeezed the last drops of color ink out of my printer to print a plethora of pictures destined for layout greatness, only to run out of glue in the middle of the creative process. Oh well, that just means I *have* to go to the craft store today. Oh no! Poor me! ;-)

I made this one yesterday, based on a sketch somewhere out there in internet land, but can't seem to find where it belongs so that I can show it off! Oh well, At least all of the other challenges I have in queue have been noted so that it does not happen again! This is my daughter on her fourth birthday. She requested "16 braids," but had the thinnest, finest hair, making it near impossible, add to that the fact that I am a HORRIBLE braider...they didn't come out all that great, but she was thrilled. I was only able to squeeze 13 on her tiny little head. The best part for her was when I took the braids out, and she had "curly hair just like my sister." Why is it us women always want the hair we'll never have?

For some reason, my scanner appears to be making any layout with 3d embellies crooked, I'm going to have to fix this, as I am a stickler for straightness! Hope you all have a scrappy day, I'm going to attempt some ribbon flowers today for a challenge over at a new site full of challenges, Colorful Creations. They look really easy to make, and imagine the possibilities...I'll not have to worry about going to the store to get the perfect color of flower for a layout, I can just dip into my extensive ribbon stash and make my own!

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Stacy said...

Adorable layout Khristen! And the pictures of your daughter are sooooo adorable too. The story makes the layout even sweeter... Stacy H-W