Monday, July 26, 2010

It must be a full moon.

The kids are OFF THE WALL. I am ready to TEAR MY HAIR OUT. So I guess I'll scrap all day LOL. I have to make some stuff anyway, there is a lady opening a shop that sells handmade goods, and she wants some samples. I figure I can turn out some pre-made layouts, picture frames, and maybe even a little album or two by Friday, right?

I am going to warm up with some challenges, but I thought I'd post this layout I did for a challenge over at sketches4all. It was a challenge from the lovely Cindy, and she wanted to see some paint on the layout. I obliged, using one of my favorite techniques from long ago, bubble wrap painting! Very easy to do, and you can make it neat or messy, whatever you feel the layout calls for. I start by choosing the size bubble I need, as I have a variety of bubble sizes to choose from :) (I just can't throw anything away LOL) You then apply the paint to the bubbles (I usually use a brush as dipping it directly in the paint tends to get paint into the spaces in between bubbles, making it hard to get the imprint of the circles on the paper) and use it as you would a rubber stamp. It's that easy! Green background paper: Karen Foster. EK Letter Press Aurora Flora Flowers flower paper. Ribbon: RAK from a friend in the Netherlands, the writing is foreign to me so I can't tell you where it's from LOL. Charm on ribbon: imaginisce Chantilly charm, Now and Forever collection Love Knots in antique silver.

More crafting shortly...for now it's off to clean the kitchen floor as *somebody* didn't finish their milk with breakfast, and now the cat has spilled it ALL OVER THE FLOOR. Is it too early for a glass of wine? LOL


Stacy said...

You know I love this layout and am fascinated by the bubble wrap paint job. Your layout is beautiful!
Good luck with getting all the samples made! Way to stretch yourself!! lol

I hope my kids don't follow along the same lines as your kids today!! I want to scrap toooooooooo Stacy H-W

Stacy said...

How can you have no comments??? I already left a comment on here earlier today. Where did it go? oh well.... I have something for you...check it out.