Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Will winter just end already?

Ugh. I've had ENOUGH. If it isn't snowing (just about every other day it seems...the kids have been to school 2 full days this week, and 1 and a half last week, another storm on the way tonight into tomorrow), someone is sick. After basketball on Saturday, Rileigh goes to an indoor softball clinic from 6-8, and when I went to retrieve her, she informed me her throat was sore and she was feeling "weak and wobbly." She ended up coming to my bedroom later that night, with the telltale barking cough of croup. We dealt with this a couple of months ago with Patryk, but I always forget that Rileigh gets this once a year, every year. I should have known it was coming!

She's finally better after 3 days of hell, and we celebrated my big, 32nd birthday with my parents and some chinese food last night. I got the Kitchenaid stand mixer I've wanted for years, so I'm super excited to play with it! Anywho, after cake, Andraia complained of a headache and bellyache.... *uh oh* ....and she got sick in the middle of the night.

I have a lot of work here ahead of me, scrubbing the sickies out of this house. I wanted to spend the day in the craft room, but no such luck. Maybe after hubby gets up I'll sneak away. Until then, I just wanted to check in. I have some altered jar candle holders I made to take pics of, I'll share later when I post them for sale in my Etsy shop. I need to catch up here on the blog, too. There are new DT members at sketches4all, and a big Valentine's Day event coming up, full of prizes, that I hope you'll join me for. (Oh, and I have a mess of stuff to offer as candy. I wanted to post yesterday, for my birthday, but it just never worked out that way. Keep your eyes on my blog, if it isn't up by this evening, it will be up first thing tomorrow.)

I hope everyone is having a spectacular day (and that you're all healthy!)


Stacy H-W said...

First, Happy Birthday a wee bit late!!
Second, sorry you have so many sickies at your house.
I can totally relate although I currently only have one sickie (other than myself -lol) at my house.
Wow, a kitchen aide mixer!!! WOO better get busy mixing something up!! ha I got one of those as a wedding present a million years ago and I am still using it today. Well....not exactly today...since I am still hanging mostly in bed in my bedroom. But you get what I mean. ha
Thanks for the sweet words on my blog. I really appreciate them and your effort to make me feel better. IT WORKED! HUGS!!!

Amber Sheaves said...

Happy Birthday! I'm still waiting on my Kitchenaid mixer. Hope the kids get better soon. I've had anywhere from 1-3 sick kids over the last two weeks. Just found out this morning baby had double ear infections! Ugghhhh. Sending healthy wishes your way...