Tuesday, May 15, 2012

"Treat" Jars

Good afternoon! It's been a trying day overall...culminating with my son choking in the backseat of my van at the middle school while waiting for Andraia, me giving him the Heimlich, and him eventually breathing again but swallowing the hard candy into his belly. UGH what a day...I can't wait to have a drink to calm these still frazzled nerves!

Anyway, I promised this post, and must deliver. I attended a seminar on ADHD and some strategies to deal with it. The presenter was fantastic and gave a lot of great information, including this one strategy I knew would be perfect for my kids. She suggested a "treat" jar of sorts, where the child earns tokens for good behavior, leading towards some sort of reward. This was not a new concept to me as I used to work in a preschool, and we were using the PBIS program which may be familiar to some with elementary kids. PBIS = Positive Behavior Intervention Strategies. The preschool kids earned cubes that were placed in a tube, and when the tube was full we would earn a treat...pajama day, ice cream sundae day, etc.

I set to work making some old glass jars into attractive treat jars to place on my counter, and came up with these, made using some newly acquired Basic Grey PB&J. I couldn't resist picking up the collection pack at CKC (and for 10 bucks, it was even more irresistible!) After adhering paper strips to the jar, I added some twine, ric rac along the rim, a cupcake sticker (in the PB&J sticker sheet), and a couple of Prima flowers on the girls' jars.

they are already filling their jars with tokens (poker chips). Patryk is working towards a "spy set", while the girls have yet to tell me what their goal is. I'm hoping it works. It is working so far, let's just hope it lasts!



Caryn S said...

kristen, I have an ADHD son too. This is a great strategy! We need to try this at our house. Do you work on one behavior modification at a time? Or is it just for all good behavior?

melsanford said...

What a fab idea! And the jars look lovely :-) Love 'n' hugs, Mel xx

AJ Scrapbooking and Cards said...

Wow Khristen you day was busy and I would need a drink to. I'm so happy you were able to help your son. Boy I know what a scare that can be. Your jars are pretty and I just know the kids will love them. I hope today is a littler bit better for you and the litele ones. TFS AJ~

Khristen said...

Caryn, they are working on all around good behavior. With such a range of ages (12-4) each has specific things we are working towards. The presenter said to focus on the positives as kids with ADD/HD have so many negatives in life each and every day. Making them focus on the positive things helps them do more positive things over time, and seeing the jars out on the counter each day reminds them to keep doing good things :) Things like doing a great job cleaning their room, putting their laundry into the drawers rather than shoving them into the back corner of their closet, being kind to one another, getting all their assignments done for school, remembering to write their homework down in their agenda book, and doing well on tests...it can be any behavior you want to address. It is working great so far, and we've only had it for a day!

Becky Dunham said...

Wow Khristen, I love this idea. I have not dealt with ADHD a lot until recently. I have a 12 yo girl staying with me for the next few weeks and she is making me crazy with her ADHD! I need to learn some coping skills fast :) Thanks for sharing!