Friday, May 4, 2012

More Scraptastic May kit fun!

I just can't stop playing with these kits (probably because I'm working on the boy child's album.) They are perfect, and I love the papers and elements. I decided to do this ridiculously photolicious page (yes, I know I could have said multi-photo, but I like creating new words.) There are so many pics of Patryk playing with this push/ride-on toy, and there were many that I wanted to include in his album. The solution: print out a bunch of little ones and one big one to showcase on the page!
 Included in the kit are chipboard buttons, and they're cute, but I felt the need to cover them in patterned paper circles. I put the Queen & Co. blue pearls in the kit in the center of each, and then added the WRMK twine around the edge. Love the look! There are a total of 10 photos on this page, which I think is a record for me!
 I traced around the alpha with white gel pen to help it stand out against the blue Authentique paper. That little strip is a scrap from another layout, which I inked and stapled, finishing it off with more blue pearls.

 The tag was misted with the OA Sprinkler included in the kit (only for subscribers), stapled on a piece of patterned paper, journaled, and added some Authentique stickers.
Hoping to get into the craft room later, but my bedroom is a disASter. I have a pile of sweaters on my floor waiting to go in the storage box I have neglected to get out of the basement, piles of clothes to go into my drawers, not to mention the wreath we put on our front door at Christmas time is in there as well...I don't think I can take it anymore! Patryk needs a nap though after the fiasco last night. Rileigh had a softball game in the cold drizzle, and wouldn't you know both hubby and I left our keys in the van (which I of course locked.) It was a long wait for the tow truck (thank you, AAA) to let us in, I think they showed up at 8:30! I won't even get into trying to get out of the park, trying to figure out how the gate opened to let us out. I thought we were going to have to sleep at the park! Glad it's over though, it took me quite some time to warm up. Then I helped a neighbor who had to work 3rd shift (he's a military guy and also works as a bird breeder for local pet shops)...he asked me to feed his birds. With over 200 birds over there, it was a chore...and then one of them bit me. Ugh, yesterday was not my day. Here's hoping today is better (although it's still raining. Booooo.)

Hope you all have a great day!


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Cindy said...

What a cute page! Lots of great detail.