Monday, March 24, 2014

*Gasp* A Layout?!

Could it be? Why yes! I did make a layout! Not only that, I made a 2-PAGER! It is rare I've been able to sit down to create for me lately...lacrosse, the middle school musical, band and chorus commitments, work, and chores...but I did it.

I started Saturday, making about 7 layouts (which were awful in my opinion, but what do you expect after what feels like months not making layouts?), and then yesterday, sat down to do this one. I loved how it turned out, so I thought I would share. Many people struggle to do multi-photo layouts, especially when there are a lot of great pictures, and resign themselves to creating a mini album instead. While that's a great solution, it can be quite time consuming. So here's an idea, using some old photos of the girls sledding in the yard from 2009:

Count it up -- that's 10 photos on the same page! This was extra tough since I recently had 200 photos printed out at York Photo, all 4X6, so I had to determine what size I wanted them all to be. Not only that, I didn't want to cut out any of the kids. Outdoor pics work great here, as there is usually a lot of unneeded background space that can be cut away without giving it a second thought. I tried to keep a consistent size going, but honestly, I wasn't keeping track of sizes towards the end. The hardest part of this layout was choosing a pleasing layout. that's where a lot of multi-photo layouts go horribly wrong. There's no rhyme or reason to photo placement, almost like they threw up all over the page!

I tried to keep it balanced, and after about eight minutes of shuffling photos around, came up with this. When I thought it was just right, I affixed the photos to the page starting at the bottom left hand corner and working my way across the first page, adding the second row afterwards, and then moving on to the second page of the layout. This allowed me to ensure perfect placement and spacing.

I pulled out an old sheet of Echo Park Winter Park element stickers to use up as much as I could. This allowed me to add things in random places without cluttering up the pics too much. The "Snow Day" sticker is a 3 Bugs In A Rug sticker from ages ago. One word of the title on one page and the other word on the second page, Pebbles alphabet stickers. Some great blue washi accenting the sides, and the journal box is Studio Calico Handbook journal cards. After the eight minutes of photo placement, another five or so minutes was spent placing embellishments. What a quick page!


And look at those kids! Hard to believe they are 14 and almost 12 (Rileigh's birthday is in one week!!) I am behind in my scrapping, for sure, but it's nice knowing I can catch up if I just keep it quick and easy. Yes, I'll still do pages that take me an hour, where embellishments, misting, and layers of patterned paper abound. However, I'll try to remember that it's okay to do up a page where it only takes a fraction of that hour. If it means getting caught up, I'm all for it! (Currently, I'm just starting to scrap 2009 in all of the kids albums!!!)

Alright, it's Monday, which means hubby is running errands for me. Work is done, looks like I'm getting some more scrapping done! Hope you're all having a great week!


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wienerhoneymooners said...

Amazing layout, love how you have it so packed with activity, yet it is simply clean and wonderfully interesting!!

I am so pleased to be joining you on the Paper Crafting Challenges Design Team