Thursday, March 21, 2013

A quick Thursday post

...because it's been SO LONG! At least it feels that way. Things have been crazy here, with more snow storms and holiday/birthday prepping insanity. I can't wait until April comes, signifying the end of holidays/birthdays for a little while (well, at least kid birthdays...those get expensive!) Today, I plan to catch up on a lot of crafty projects that have fallen behind, as well as post pictures of things I made during the snow storm we had on Tuesday. I took the pictures, I just haven't quite gotten them on to the computer yet...

But I do have these, made earlier in the month with the February Scraptastic Everyday Is Like Sunday kit. I've been meaning to share them, but again....super busy....

This one was fun, all because of that adorable little twine flower I made. Pretty simple to do, I might make a tutorial for it just for all of *you.*


Alright, time to get this kids off to school. Watch for a few more later, including another shaving cream project using multiple colors. I am having so much fun with that technique!!

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