Monday, February 20, 2012

A New Outlook

February is almost over, and although I've created one layout using my February Scraptastic Club kit, I barely had time to look at the pretty patterns and colors of the papers and embellishments. It's been such a busy, hectic month after deciding to start up a craft club at Rileigh's school and receiving additional writing assignments, not to mention basketball season, new tutoring opportunities for Andraia, and doctor's appointments galore.

I read a book yesterday, totally unmotivated to craft or clean or anything, and it inspired me in such a strange way. The book is called Drawing Free, loaned to me by a friend who loved it and I loved it just as much, if not more. It really spoke to me. I am sorry, but I'm not going to delve into specifics. Go ahead and Google it if you are curious, all I'll say is that it addresses the problem all of us stay-at-home moms run into (unless you have already learned this lesson and already get your me-time): taking time for ourselves. Lately, with the craziness called my life, I have been focused on mommy duties, writing assignments, and DT assignments. Yes, I did a page or two just for me this year, but I used to do so many more. I used to find the time to bake all sorts of new yummy treats for my family. I used to clean a whole lot more just because I wanted to. I used to pick up my guitar more often. Now, I find myself saying "Well there'll be time for that, right now I have to ______________." That ________________ usually involved doing something for the kids or husband, and I would say "have to" when it wasn't really a requirement at all.

All of that "doing for others" kind of took its toll over time, and I had had enough. This book came to me at the perfect time, and I'm so thankful. It was just the reminder I'd needed to snap myself out of it and get down to making ME happy (it also helps that the book is about this mother's artistic passions as well!)

That said, I created this first thing this morning, and I have a "canvas" drying (no, it isn't a canvas at all but a piece of cardboard I've primed with white paint and misted the crap out's that reusing thing. I must cut down on the amount of stuff I "save for later," starting with this cardboard-turned-wall hanging.) I can't show off the wall hanging just isn't really for "me" as it's a March DT assignment...but it is for ME to hang on the wall of the craft room, to remind me I need to make something every day to be happy.

Here's the layout, made with my Feb Scraptastic Club kit. LOVE this kit.
 Papers used: MME Love Me, Lily Bee Smitten, and Echo Park Yours Truly. MME Lost & Found Blush Label Stickers. MME Love Me die cut elements. Iguana Thickers. Icicle Glimmer Glaze. Black Smooch Spritz. Petaloo flower. MME Lost & Found buttons. Staples. Black Velvet ribbon. The strip of squares was fussy cut from some patterned paper.
 Tried to get the Glimmer Glaze I put on the big ol' black flower, but it didn't work out the way I wanted. Just know that it is sparkly and pretty. There is also glaze on the pink flower button.

 Circles fussy cut from EP paper.
 That heart die cut is also covered in Glimmer Glaze.

So that's it, my "for me" page, which showcases a picture of my great grandmother holding my grandmother when she was a baby. Another page for the Mills Family Album!!

With that out of the way and my "canvas" drying, I guess I have to do my writing assignments.  :(

I hope you are enjoying your day, and check out Drawing Free, written by Elena Aitken. You'll love it, especially if you are a busy stay at home mom with artistic passion.



Stacy H-W said...


I am feeling you girl!! It is hard to find "me" time in our busy schedules. I love how most people think stay at home mom's don't do anything. I guess they picture us just sitting around eating bon bons!! LOL

I realized that we must have "ME" time when I had 3 kids under 3 and a hubby that traveled all the time. I really thought I would go crazy until I let myself have a day off. My hubby and I worked it into our budget to have childcare (ended up being his mom but we paid her) on Wednesday and I got a day off. I could do anything I wanted or do nothing at all. It was so FREEING and refreshing! And when Mama is happy so is the rest of the family. SO let yourself have that "Me time" my friend!!
I love your layout!! I have that paper and I can't seem to make myself use it because it is so pretty!LOL hugs, stacy

Melly said...

Aww Khristen

I so so understand what you mean! As I don't have kids I can't totally relate but understand waht its like to even find time just to fix your hair!
With my lovely hubby's help we have sorted ME time out and only to take on what I can! Its so difficult saying NO but I realised sometimes we have to come first, even just for 10 mins lol!

I adore your layout, the papers so beautiful and that wee added flower it just wow! Love it all!

You have a good week honey and remember find that 10 mins for YOU!
Hugs M xxx

Heather Landry said...

I totally understand what you mean! I feel the same way as well. It's been forever since I did a project for me. Usually, once I'm done with DT work I'd rather read or go work out. I'm having a hard time staying inside now that the weather is nicer here.

I love your layout and the super sweet photo. Great misting too!